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Triple Crown Series 2013

Triple Crown Series 2013

Dec 15th, 2013

The 2013 Triple Crown MX series is just weeks away!

Round #1 will be held on Sunday, October 27th at Perris MX park. Track information can be found at the bottom of the page.

Gates open at 6:30am and sign up begins at 6:45. Order of sign up determines first gate order so come early!

Trick or Treats for the kiddos will be passed out until they are gone. And don't forget to bring your already carved pumpkin in for our 4th annual pumpkin contest! Cash Prizes for the top 3 pumpkins!!! ( all pumpkins returned at the end of the day)

Our sponsors will be out in full force, So make sure to stop by and check out their products!

Event Information :

Entry Fees: $35.00 First Class, $30.00 each additional Class. No Membership Required. CASH ONLY.

Entry forms: Must be completed in full, All waivers must be signed by the rider and guardian (if applicable) before practice begins. All minors must sign the riders signature line regardless of age, as well as a parent or guardian, NO exceptions. No one except riders officially entered may ride or practice on the race course during the days events.

Gate picks are done by order of sign up for first moto, and finish order for moto two. If you do not show up at staging in a timely manner you will lose your gate pick order.

Classes Offered:

Age as of 01-01-2013 Beginner classes: Once you win top 3 of our series in a Beg class you must move up. *85cc/150f big wheels are only allowed in the 85cc/150f intro beg/beg and open/super mini classes. Big wheels are not allowed in any of the age classes as specified.

Triple Crown has the right to move a rider up/down classes if needed per the riders ability. Half of your points will follow you to your new class, Or you will receive last place for the class you were moved into if only raced one moto.

Protests must be made in writing within 30mins of results posted. We have 30 minutes to resolve the issue if needed. please do not harass or treat the employees of Triple Crown unkindly or you will be asked to leave.

All riders who race 3 out of 4 races will qualify to win our series end and raffle prizes. If you race all four rounds your top 3 will count. Each class no matter the number of entries will receive trophies, 1st through 3rd. If you race all four rounds but do not place top 3, we will have a special plaque for your participation at the end of the series.

All trophies given at each round or at the end of the series are forfeited if not picked up that day. You must be present at round 4 to be a part of the raffle. The raffle is done throughout the day.

We will do our best to notify you by facebook or email if there is a cancellation due to rain ASAP. We may not know until race day or if the track determines the closure about the cancellation. Please be understanding.


50 Beg 4-6 (all bikes) *cannot ride super pee wee 50 Beg 7-8 (all bikes) *cannot ride super pee wee Pee Wee open (all bikes any skill and age thru 9) 50cc 4-6, 50cc 7-8, Super pee wee (thru 9, no beg/big wheels ok)

65cc Beg, 65cc Beg open, 65cc (0-8), 65cc (9-11), 65cc open (no begs),

*85cc/150f intro Beg (one year or less), *85cc/150f Beg, 85cc/150f thru 11 (no big wheels, ), 85cc/150f 12-13 (no big wheels), 85cc/150f 14-16 (no big wheels), Supermini, 85cc/150f Open

Girls 65cc/85cc (no big wheel 85cc), woman's 125cc/250cc (non pro)

250cc schoolboy/thru 17, 250 Beg, 250 Nov, 250 INT, 250 open (non pro) 250/450 Beg open 250/450cc college boy (age 18-25, pros allowed) 450 Beg, 450 NOV, 450 INT, 450 open (non pro, no 250fs)

25 beg,25nov,25int,25exp, 30 beg,30nov,30int,30exp,40 beg, 40nov,40int,40exp, Vet Open (all ages non pro)

Paid classes: 100% pro payback at 40% top four out of every 10 riders get paid back etc.. 250 pro, 450 pro, Vet pro open

Industry classes: Amateur, Exp no trophy, or series end prizes. must show credentials. $15.00

We at Triple Crown loves the riders, And we give back! Lots of sponsors giveaways and raffle prizes for the taking. How about the custom end Trophy and champion Tee shirts!! Look for more info on our raffle prize giveaways! We look forward to seeing you, Happy Racing!!

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