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Reservation For Practice Link

Apr 23 2020

Ok, if you found this page it is so that you can get the link to reserve a space in an upcoming practice session CLICK HERE

Carefully Read Instructions:
This is an added process to prevent any riders from making the trip out and us already being at our capacity. If you have ridden our tracks before you should have a profile set up.

Please visit and select either State Fair Sign Up or Perris Sign up.

This is the page we created is for booking a reservation in the practice session for Perris Raceway or State Fair MX. We are in unique times so it requires unique measures. Please read this all the way to the bottom before proceeding so that we can make sure you have the best visit possible.

Updated Hours

Perris Raceway:
Monday Closed
Tuesday - Mini Night 4-9pm
Wednesday - Open Practice 4-9pm
Thursday - Open Practice 4-9pm
Friday - Open Practice 10am - 3pm
Saturday & Sunday 9am - 2pm

Gates open one hour before practice starts

State Fair MX:
Monday 9am - 2pm
Tuesday 9am - 2pm
Wednesday 9am - 2pm
Thursday 9am - 2pm
Friday - Closed
Saturday and Sunday 9am - 2pm

Gates open one hour before practice starts.

Important to read this
Due to COVID-19 procedures we will have a couple of additional rules for attendees. These have to be observed and obeyed in order for us to stay open. If you don't want to see any more closures please read carefully below and make sure you are not caught voiding any policies. Local authorities will be watching.

Additional Rules:
There are no spectators allowed. Riders only. The only exception to a non rider is if the rider is a minor and one guardian/parent will be allowed per vehicle. Unfortunately for now this eliminates all trainers, photographers and non riding siblings or family.

All riders and guardian/parents will be required to wear face protection once entering the facility. Riders will be required to put on face protection whenever a helmet is worn but are not required to wear both a helmet and face protection. Some form of face protection will be required by every person in the facility at all times.

High risk groups (as determined by the Riverside University Health System Public Health Department) are not permitted. Visit for more information.

If you are feeling any symptoms of illness do not attend.

Attendees are required to park no less than 10' apart and to remain at least 6' apart from all other attendees at all times.

Please use the provided hand wash areas that are available at each track and wash frequently if you need to visit any common areas.

All bleachers are closed.

Follow all normal rules and requirements such as no guardian/parent on the track at all times.

Practice sessions must be pre booked through this system. Do not book a session unless you are 100% sure that you are going to come in or you could be taking the spot away from another rider. If the session or day you are looking to book is full chose another available day. If riders are seen no showing sessions we will make changes, but it makes the reservation process more complicated.

We appreciate all the communication had from Code Enforcement, City Manager, City Attorney, District Supervisors Office, Riverside County Health and the cooperation with additional local authorities. We also appreciate working with the local tracks because this was a group effort from tracks as far north as Cal City all the way down to our area.

Observe the rules and we should be able to avoid any further shut downs.

Thank you!