Perris Raceway



Track Rule

Jan 15 2018

It has always been the rule of the track that no spectators are allowed beyond the fences. Unfortunately people have ignored this rule for far too long and now we have some negative attention at the track that effects the continued business. We are open seven days a week and host more riders thank anywhere else so these issues hit us first. We have had recent injuries to riders due to trainers on the track as well. Training riders also typically ends up section riding which is also a danger to the public riders and also tears up water truck lanes.

It's the same as any youth sport or motorsport where the field of play is off limits during activity. Plain and simple this will be heavily enforced by all flaggers and safety personnel on site. Thank you for your cooperation.

UPDATE: A few people have flown off the handle and taken to social media with very inappropriate comments. Please be aware that as soon as this information came to us we started working on a solution that would allow people who need to be on the track to be there. This isn't offer but we will have to work through this process.